The Pinterest Collage

When I’m working with my students, I commonly point out that our clients, even many adults, don’t have the emotional vocabulary to successfully describe many of their feelings. In the past few months, I’ve come to believe more and more in having clients use smartphone or online tools rather than the paper that I (and most of us) have used for years.

Along this theme, here is an interesting use for Pinterest. I’ll let the article speak for itself. Like any exercise such as this, it will only be as useful as you can make it in regards to your client. It could be a useful exercise in a number of different empirically-supported approaches. I understand that there is a lot of gender-based bias running around about Pinterest, so it may be harder to get some of your male clients to do it. But, as always, I’m always about using what’s familiar to my clients, rather than shoehorning them into an exercise that I happen to like.

And while I’m not quite sure what a “relationship counselor” is, it’s still a sound idea.


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